Excel for the Reluctant Learner - Series Two

Grow your confidence and competence in Excel

If not now, when? Excel is one of the most portable skill sets on the planet

Disclaimer: You will get the most out of this course if you know how to do the following: basic formulas, filtering, work with worksheets.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  1. You keep hearing terms like "formulas" , "vlookups", "pivot tables" and you have decided that people who create charts have a magic wand somewhere in their desk. 
  2. Someone in the office showed you how to create a formula but they went at 90 miles an hour and you know you are still confused.. 
  3. You have tried Dr. Google but some of the explanations are worse than the formulas - if only it could be explained clearly to you! 
  4. The person that you always relied on in the office for Excel help has left and now you are on your own… 
  5. You have tried loads of times to understand a spreadsheet but all those formulas are just a weird foreign language 
  6. You know you learn best when someone shows you/explains it to you 
  7. Your accountant/boss keeps saying "you need to get better at Excel" - but you don't even know where to START 
  8. You remember you were bad at maths in school - just thinking about Excel puts you into a cold sweat 
  9. You have decided you are ready to face down the Excel dragon - but you know a bit of help would be handy..

How this course can help


Course Curriculum

Dates and Times

Each session is 90 minutes and yes it is recorded

Session One  - Vlookup() - when you need to link/compare data sets - Thursday 22/4/2021:  19:00 to 20:30 (GMT)
Session Two- Conditional Formatting - when you need to colour code your entries - Thursday 29/4/2021:  19:00 to 20:30 (GMT)
Session Three - If, if, if - IF() when you need to apply different conditions - Thursday 6/5/2021:  19:00 to 20:30 (GMT)
Session Four - Pivot Tables - when you need to summarize your data quickly - Thursday 13/5/2021:  19:00 to 20:30 (GMT)
Session Five - Meet Power Query - Excel's secret data cleansing weapon - Thursday 27/5/2021 19:00 to 20:30 (GMT)
Session Six - Wrap Up -Q&A session - Thursday 3/6/2021 -Ask Me Anything - we might even have a glass of something to celebrate your journey! 

What People Say About My Courses

"I love how Anne makes the training so enjoyable and relaxing. Nothing is a problem for her. She has a great teaching method and get you to get the best out of yourself and the course."

Olivia Gilroy

"Overall this is an excellent course and Anne is a great Tutor. Really enjoying the sessions on the Pivot Tables at present."

Catherine O Donoghue

"Workbooks very useful and helpful. Resources on giraffe pad excellent. Homework after each session a good way of practising what we covered in the previous class. Any questions or queries with regard to excel answered well and help with understanding and using excel much better. All content of the course explained and taught very well. "

Laura Coleman

"I really like the course, it is very well presented and easy to follow. There is a lot of detail and for me this helps together with the additional support as needed."


"I enjoy the group and the delivery and the encouragement to share something small with the group each week so it is as much a social connection as a "working" one.  I like the fact that the classes are recorded and available for review when I haven't quite got all the details of what is being demonstrated.  I also like the additional materials with shortcuts and homework practice opportunities.  I also liked the breakout groups being changed each time; sometimes solo, sometimes 2 or 3 people.  I liked that we could send messages privately or to the whole group and that there was an option to email Anne outside the class time and during the week with any questions or confusion.   I also liked that there was an overview of what would be covered in the course and when."

Eileen Lavelle

"I've found everything really useful so far.  Being able to spend the time with Anne and the participants learning shortcuts you never knew were there definitely makes working on excel easier. And I like having the course in bite size chunks, it's much easier than learning everything in a few hours and not remembering a thing!"

Jenny Moore

Frequently Asked Questions

All sessions are recorded so you can view them back later

Email me directly or post a comment in GiraffePad - which is the platform we will be using

I am happy to help and guide you and give you some suggestions. 

Excel 365. However, a lot of what I do works in most versions of Excel

30 Day Refund Policy

If you sign up and attend at least one class and find it is not for you - I will happily refund your money. 

Anne Walsh

Who am I and why should you work with me?

I am a freelance trainer with over 20 years experience – I have done my 10,000 hours ?. I have published a number of books on Excel: Your Excel Survival Kit – your guide to surviving and thriving in an Excel world – 2nd Edition, Get and Transform Data in Excel, Create Great Reports in Excel, and Create Great Reports in Word

I like to “put the fun in functions” and make Excel accessible to the extent that you would actually enjoy working with Excel (No, it’s true!)

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