Excel Essentials - build a strong foundation for your Excel journey

Even if you are terrified of Excel

Does this sound familiar?

  • You hear all the time that 'Excel is a great tool', but you have no idea what that means
  • You've tried using formulas, but can't get them to work for you
  • No matter what you've tried, printing from Excel NEVER comes out the way you want
  • You've seen people present snazzy Excel charts in a meeting and wondered how they did it
  • Excel absolutely terrifies you

So what's in it for you?

Excel is one of the most portable skill-sets on the planet: good Excel skills make you immediately more employable!

Everything is presented in bite-sized chunks, so easy to watch and go back to as often as you want

Take the course at a time and location of your choosing, no travel or parking issues to deal with

You don't need any previous knowledge, but you might find you already know more than you think!

Course Curriculum

Don't just take my word for how much Excel Essentials can help you:

I am really enjoying the course and have found the recordings of the classes especially useful as I go back over each lesson in order to make sure that I understand everything from each session. Anne is very patient as she guides us through this course. I have appreciated that we're reminded to be comfortable with being uncomfortable as we learn a new skill. That in itself settled me plus Anne's natural humour.
Lou Brennan

I took the excel essentials and found it very beneficial as it helped to remind me of some of the helpful items in excel and and also found the course very easy to understand and the flow of material followed very well.
Joe Egan

I enrolled on the Excel Essentials course to increase my knowledge in Excel. I call myself new to Excel and wanted  to see how it could help my work life improve with professional sheets. The way Anne explains, a little everyday worked really well for me. The more I practice the easier Excel gets.Now I want to know more and recommend it to all my colleagues. Thank you Anne for getting me started on the Excel journey. My children are so surprised at how much I am improving already.
Lynda Murphy 

I found the Excel Essentials a refreshing course, which helps me to consolidate and deepen my knowledge to apply in my work with Excel spreadsheets.
Anthony Tang

I have used Excel for many years without knowing so many of its tools and strengths. During the lockdown Anne Walsh sent me a link to the course she was running and it was a no-brainer to sign up for it. She is a first-rate tutor and everything is done in bize-size pieces with homework and tests to make sure you understand the many shortcuts that are available. I would thoroughly recommend signing up for an Excel course with Anne as she explains things so clearly and it truly makes such a difference when you are able to use it to achieve maximum results.
Sarah White 


What Do I Get For My Subscription?

You get access to the material for a full year.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

You can cancel at any time during your subscription period.

What Do I Do If I Have A Question?

There's an option to ask or you can ask in the comments.

What If I Want To Progress Further?

The next course is called The Second Floor - look under All Courses.